Phoenix, AZ capitol.


Rallies planned nationwide:

Los Angeles, Phoenix, NYC, Denver, Washington D.C.


Deport White Supremacy out of Arizona !
Repeal SB 1070!




Arizona - sports, conventions, travel!
Don't buy anything new in AZ!
Protest AZ Diamondbacks
baseball in your town.

Abolish Jim Crow Terrorism in Arizona!

ARREST Arpaio for Crimes Against Humanity!


 Joe Arpaio is a terrorist


To Block Racist Arizona Law


 Arizona is a "red" state



















 Here are a few thing you can do :


  • Don't buy anything new in Arizona.
  • DON'T VACATION IN ARIZONA (until SB1070 is overturned)
  • DON'T ATTEND ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS BASEBALL GAMES (protest away games outside stadium).
  • BUY AMD-chip computers not INTEL (there is a small AMD logo on the front of the computer).
  • If you fly make sure your plane does not land in ARIZONA.  You might go to jail if you don't have papers.
  • Don't stay at Ramada Inns
  • Don't buy a domain at GoDaddy (their HQ is is based in AZ).
  • Don't go to Petsmart (their HQ is is based in AZ).
  • If you must travel through Arizona make sure you buy enough gas and food prior to entering.
  • If you are Mexican from Sonora DO NOT BUY at any outlets. Go to California instead. It is cheaper and better.
  • Si eres Mexicano y quieres a tu GENTE no VISITES ARIZONA ni compres NADA!!!








(SB 1070)


White Supremacy is the disgraceful low point of Humanity.

It has led to the genocidal extermination and oppression of millions of human beings around the world (Indigenous People of the Western Hemisphere, Jewish, African, etc). It has destroyed men and women, together, in every nation.

White Supremacy has robbed The Human Race of living up to its fullest creative potentials. There is nothing good about it.

Today, White Supremacy is rearing its monstrous head in Arizona and spewing its racist vomit without shame. White Supremacists have made it "legal" to round up the Indigenous People of this continent (Mexicans, "Central Americans") just like they made it "legal" to round up Jews in Europe and Africans in South Africa..and "Native Americans" before that, onto reservations.

Arizona is infected with White Supremacy. We must say NO to White Supremacy!
It's time to protest SB 1070. 


"Verr are your PAPERS !!

you non-Whites... you non-Humans!!"






"Black Pass Laws"




"Jewish Pass Laws"









We have something to say about

Illegal Immigration !






We agree, Illegal Immigration is

a big problem...SINCE 1492






So you wanna talk about

illegal immigration, huh?









Let's start the "illegal immigration debate"

at 1492, when YOUR people

came here (by invasion)

from Europe.



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for questions and comments



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